Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Style Suites better than a standard salon?
This is your business. You determine the hours, you keep the profits. No sharing of equipment and no more commission sales. Your electric and water is included. The suites are fully furnished, so no need for expensive start-up costs. Lease rates are competitive to booth rentals at standard salons. Best of all, we actively invest in your education.
Will I miss opportunities to continue my education?
Here at Style Suites we not only want you to continue your education, we invest in it! Ex. attend any hair show/workshop of your choice and be reimbursed for attending, potential to have all CE 8 hours paid for by Style Suites. Also, in house workshops available, CE certified, all paid by Style Suites.
Can I paint my suite?
Our objective is to create an atmosphere for your business to flourish. Your suite will be a representation of your personality. You may decorate to suit your needs with in reason. We ask that any significant changes, painting included, first be approved by management.
What are the hours of operation?
You will have access to your suite 24 hours per day. Each suite is individually locked, and the main entrance will utilize a secure entry system.
How will my clients find me?
Style Suites will sponsor a Grand Opening ad campaign in the local media to introduce the location and your new business.
Can I share my suite with a friend / another professional?
Suite sharing is available! Share a single or double suite with one of your colleagues today and both benefit from a great location with a lower cost per stylist. Please inqiure further with management for details.
Will my clients follow me to my new Salon Studio?
Beauty Professionals who have moved into their own Studio Salon report that better than 60% of their clients will follow their Stylist/Skin Professional to a new location so long as the additional traveling distance is not greater than 15 miles.
What are the financial rewards and benefits of owning my Salon and renting a suite and will I be able to cover the weekly rental cost?
1. Beauty Professionals typically work on average of 4 days per week and see 8 clients in a single work day. If the average charge for services is $65.....then the math is as follows:

Revenue per day: $65 X 8 = $520
4 Days per week: $520 x 4 = $2,080 per week.
Average Salon Studios rent for $300/wk: $2,080 - $300 = $1,780 net income per week.

If the Professional works at a commission of 50 income would only be $1,040 per week..
This illustration does not include any profits from product sales nor expense for phone & supplies.

2. You are your own boss. You set your own hours. You create an atmosphere that fits your personality.
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